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  • who is these courses for

    This course is for all garden designers, landscape architects, landscapers and gardeners that wish to improve their renderings. Must have basic knowledge of Sketchup beforehand and the pc with a good graphics card.

  • transform your business

    With better images and animations you can potentially transform your business in a major way. In this course, we will teach you to create renderings that show your ideas and values in the best way.

  • future proof

    You will have access, not only to great bonuses but to the entire course and future updates, for 5 years. One of the bonuses is our restricted Facebook Group were I will help you if you have any difficulties.

  • VIP Edition

    With the VIP Edition, you get one year One on One consultations for your specific projects, to help you achieve that amazing images.

VIP Edition: Rendering your Clients Dream Garden

online course fo €725,00 with one on one consultations for one yearr

VIP Edition! Learn to create great images, renderings and animations to sell the Dream Garden to your Client. We work with you for one year in your projects, helping you achieve amazing results for your clients. One on One consultations included.
Course: VIP Edition Rendering your Clients Dream Garden
VIP Edition: Rendering your Clients Dream Garden

Rendering your Clients Dream Garden

online course for only €335,00, updated for the Lumion PRO 9 version

This course will transform your business. You will be able to sell your projects easier and make your clients Dream with their new garden. Check out all the bonuses we have for you plus you get access to the course and future updates for 5 years!
Course: Rendering your Clients Dream Garden
Rendering your Clients Dream Garden

SketchUp basics for Garden Designers

an amazing software, course for only €175,00

It's the ideal course for does starting now with SketchUp. An essential tool for any garden designer and landscape architect that as an amazing potencial if you want to explore more plugins and extensions for this program.
Course: SketchUp basics for Garden Designers
SketchUp basics for Garden Designers

In-depth Animation for a Dream Garden

coming soon

In-depth Animation and post-production for everyone that took the course Rendering your clients Dream Garden and want to take their animation skills to the next step. A full course dedicated to animation in Lumion and post-production tips for Garden Designers and Landscape Architects. 📰Subscribe to our newsletter so you can let you know when the course is going to be available.
In-depth Animation for a Dream Garden


Software is not included in our courses

The software used during the courses are not included in the course price. For Sketchup, Lumion, Filmora or Camtasia or any other software we may approach in a future course you should contact your local reseller to have access to a trial version during the course. Contact-me to get the contact of your local Lumion reseller or if you have any other question.

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Courses in Portuguese

Cursos em Português

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Garden Design no seu jardim

disponível brevemente

Mini-curso para ajudá-lo a desenhar e planear o seu próprio jardim. Um passo-a-passo para um jardim de sucesso e à sua medida. O curso terá o preço de lançamentos de €175,00.
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Garden Design no seu jardim

Garden Design como Disciplina (em Português)

já começou

Curso online em português que explorar o mundo do Garden Design, todos os elementos que o compõem. Um curso que aborda muitas vertentes sempre num conceito de espaços residenciais privados. O curso tem o preço de lançamento de €575,00.
Curso: Garden design como Disciplina
Garden Design como Disciplina (em Português)


  • Catarina Gonçalves

    Garden Designer and Garden Design Tools Instructor

    Catarina Gonçalves

    My name is Catarina Gonçalves, I’m from Portugal currently living in Ericeira. I’m a garden designer, graduated from Greenwich University in 2006, I love everything to do with design, gardens, and plants. And of course, outdoor living, decoration, and furniture are elements I enjoy a lot when working with clients. Since 2017 that I wanted to create a blog or a website so I could share my experiences not only as a garden designer but mainly how I developed my projects and how I create my renderings and animations. So in 2018, I started Garden Design Tools.

Software and Apps I ❤

used in the online courses and professionally